IT Support Should Be On High Alert Following Massive Breach In Pentagon

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With the alarming rates of cybercrime being recorded, it is important that businesses look for reliable IT support in West Palm Beach. According to a team set up to monitor cyber risk, the Pentagon is leaking sensitive information to the public due to data breaches. This includes sensitive data about the army intelligence and security in the United States as well as information aboutcyber-security-and-data-recovery-west-palm-beach the National Security Command.

According to the reports from Upguard, the information released exposed virtual systems and internal data that are used as channels for classified communications. Now, anyone with an internet connection can access this information. With a cyber risk measurement of 589 out of 950, INSCOM isn’t doing well in the fight against cybercrime. The web presence of INSCOM has serious gaps that are yet to be filled in its cybersecurity profile. It needs good IT support if it is to overcome challenges.

This latest breach in data security is just one of many that included sensitive issues about the National Geospatial Agency, United States Central Command and the United States Pacific Command. The security breach was first discovered when the director of Cyber Risk Research in UpGuard noticed a flaw in the cloud storage of the tech giant, Amazon. He noticed that there were 44 viewable files and three viewable and downloadable files. Note that these files were open to the public and saved with the word ‘inscom.’ This indicated that there was a possible Pentagon provenance. According to UpGuard, the issue may have popped up as a result of process errors in the IT environment of the Pentagon.

Although this is the first time that classified data is being exposed to the public, there have been other reports of security breaches in the past. One of the most recent was a breach that leads to the exposure of massive data including 1.8 billion internet post.

Key Points

  1. Cybersecurity should not be limited to preventing hackers. Data breaches can result in internal misconfigurations. Statistics have shown that internal misconfigurations and not external sources cause up to 70-99% of breaches in data. To keep data safe, these misconfigurations must be fixed.
  2. A small misconfiguration can become a serious problem emanating from the IT infrastructure of an enterprise.
  3. According to the information obtained by UpGuard, a known partner of INSCOM, Invertix, had its administrators work on the box.

This security breach shows how important it is for every enterprise in Florida to look for a company that will help improve data security and fills up data gaps in a company’s IT environment. Having a strong IT support in West Palm Beach is the only way a business owner can protect sensitive information from the public.