The 6 Telltale Signs That You Need Marketing Automation Assistance

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The mere presence of marketing automation software used to serve as a major competitive advantage for any company but those days are long gone now. Now that communication has become more personalized and inbound marketing is more important than ever, the best marketing automation software is needed in order to guarantee success. IT Support staff must stay on top of the computer-it-supporttechnology advances.

While some of the top analysts have already begun to debate the best forms of marketing automation software [], it is also important for businesses in the healthcare sphere to learn more about its overall importance. Even the experts [] are well aware of the fact that marketing automation software is the future.

Let’s take a closer look at the most common signs that your healthcare based business is in need of marketing automation assistance….

  1. Lack of Actionable Insight

If there is no actionable insight being pulled from the system, this is a sure sign that your business needs new software. Marketing is all about having the ability to measure and without quality automation software, this necessary task becomes somewhat impossible. Knowing what the customer wants is everything and being able to measure the impact of a campaign goes a long way.

  1. Interaction Histories Are Incomplete

A business must be able to record their full interaction history with each client. If they cannot, this is a sure sign that they need to step up their marketing automation software. The interactions need to be recorded and they also need to be easy to read. This also makes life significantly easier for the medical IT support staff.

  1. Marketing Campaigns That Are Too Generic

Personalized marketing campaigns used to be the exception but they have since become the norm. Generic marketing does not have the same level of success that it once did. Businesses that are still relying on outdated methods (like spray and pray) are placing themselves in a difficult position going forward.

  1. Lack of Seamless Integration

If the marketing automation software that is being used does not integrate seamlessly with all of the usual web marketing services, this is a sign that cannot be ignored. The best software allows for what is known as a “click integration”, where the user only has to enter their password and user name.

  1. No Website Integration

Easy website integration is an absolute must. A quality web page is going to generate a significant percentage of a business’ leads. In order to capture the leads and develop a marketing plan that will work over the long haul, top notch website integration is needed.

  1. Too Many Manual Medical IT Support Processes

An overload of manual processes is a sure sign that your business needs marketing automation assistance. The process is known as “automation” and there is a very good reason for that. Automation features should allow information to flow through the pipeline without any unnecessary interference.