Legal WordPress Websites Under Attack

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Millions of websites choose WordPress as their content platform, including a number of law firms. WordPress makes it easy to manage and operate on the open source framework. The biggest problem is that it also prone to attacks. Recently, several attackers have gone on the prowl and defaced thousands of websites.

Many Different Attacks

In four attacks, approximately 40,000 websites were compromised in one way or another. 67,000 web pages were defaced, and the numbers are increasing. WordPress released an update, which helped mitigate the flaw. The problem is that not everyone deployed the security release on time, which increase the number of corrupted webpages.

The problem is that many IT firms don’t respond quickly enough – and hackers will often exploit the unpatched websites. This means you have to be prepared to obtain IT support for law firms. This will ensure that you stay ahead of the various problems that hackers cause.

WordPress Takes Action

Hackers are never ones to sit around and wait to be taken out. Instead, hackers are always working behind the scenes and trying to overcome what security developers are doing. This means that although WordPress has been creating stronger and stronger patches, there are still hackers who are able to do damage.

WordPress has teamed up with several cyber security firms. Google has even done their part by announcing a variety of critical security updates to let webmasters know that they have to install protection against the specific attacks.

WordPress is doing their due diligence to get ahead of the problems. All of the attacks are focused on WordPress-based sites. If your law firm’s website is WordPress based, you have to look at what’s being done to keep it safe.

WordPress has done their part, but now you have to do yours. If you’re not taking care of the patches and making the security updates, you remain vulnerable – and this means that it could only be a matter of time before your website gets attacked and web pages get defaced.

Why Patches are Important

Attacks have the potential to affect your law firm’s network. It might also lead to its overall demise. You want to make sure that you are using up-to-date patches so that your system security is always in place.

Unpatched systems make for the biggest targets. This is because hackers always look for vulnerabilities. If your law firm lacks the capacity to update security patches manually, you need to consider using patch management software. You can also explore IT support for law firms where a company will do all of the work for you. This ensures that your patches are up to date and that you have the necessary security to overcome any kind of website attack area