How Managed IT Services In West Palm Beach Pays For Itself

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Many business owners consider technology as a secondary issue to their core business. The stark reality in the modern world is that if your technology crashes your business does too. Your business can not manage clients, produce new sales, create advertising, keep track of inventory, or find new clients without computer network support, computer support, cloud support, or cloud services support.

Many business owners think that an in-house tech guru is the way to go. This misconception makes you dependent on a single individual for your entire business. The lifetime of any tech guru at any organization is less than three years. The next person has to learn what the former employee did to your system before they can start managing your computer system.

Managed IT services is a much more reliable method of producing the computer network support, computer support, cloud support, or cloud services support that you need. The advantage is that managed IT services more than pay for themselves.

A managed IT service for any system charges a set fee per month or an annual fee. There are no surprise bills for a tech service call or phone tech service. You do not have to pay the high salaries that system mangers charge or pay the cost of benefits that system managers expect to have.

Your data and your entire computer system including any phone network, internet sites, and social media sales campaigns are monitored 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The monitoring is done electronically and by trained experts. The result is no down time for any of your business operations that depend on your computer system.

Constant monitoring also reduces system costs. You do not buy servers. You can get reduced costs for upgrades to software. You are warned ahead of time that any system component is going to fail so that you have replacement parts on hand and the right person to do the installation so you do not lose any money from down time.

Off-site data backups and system backups guarantee that your system can be replaced in a few hours if a disaster occurs. Constant monitoring of all of your computer systems and all your internet sites helps prevent hacking and data theft. This insures your reputation to your present and future clients.

One university study has shown that a managed IT service can reduce your total cost of operation by as much as 45 percent. You save on personnel cost, you save on data management costs, all of your upgrades are managed for you, and your system has a much higher level of security internally and externally.

The most important way that managed IT can pays for itself is allowing you to have more time to sell and promote the business that you love.