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We are excited to inform small business owners using OneDrive about its latest feature which is an increased and improved storage location. This feature is known as the “OneDrive Files On-Demand.” As we all know, OneDrive users have no worries when it comes to saving all relevant files. Cloud Technology makes it easy for you to use your local storage space without the time-consuming process of reorganizing and deleting some files to get storage space. Instead, with cloud technology, it is as easy as transferring data to a cloud storage. This feature is pretty tidy for small business owners who have to work from personal laptops. They do not have to delete personal or even business files to recover a few megabytes.

Microsoft’s OneDrive Files On-Demand Feature.

With the windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft launched the OneDrive Files On-Demand feature. This feature allows users view online files saved on their cloud storage as though they had it in their local storage. It is convenient as files online are just a click away whenever you need to access them. We believe this should encourage more cloud storage usage and optimal use of local storage.

Easy Steps to Using OneDrive Files On-Demand Feature.

You should get this new feature by default when you upgrade your PC software to Windows Fall Creators. If this does not happen automatically, however, here is how to activate same:

Open OneDrive on your system and click on the cloud icon at the right side of your taskbar.

Select settings and then click on the settings tab.

Ensure that ‘save space and download files as you use them’ is checked on the Files on Demand tab.

You would notice three icons in the status column when you open file explorer in the OneDrive folder. These icons help you organize your storage space, placing your files into local and cloud storage spaces depending on file priority and storage space.

The Blue cloud represents files that stored only online.

The White circle with a Green checkmark represents files that temporarily stored locally. These files would only be moved on-line when you run out of local space.

The Green Circle with a White Checkmark represents files that are permanently stored locally. These files would remain so even when you are running out of space.

Files that are stored online can be easily downloaded to your local disk. All you need do is open these files in your cloud storage. The data will be downloaded to your local drive but will only be available when you are online. You will see a Green checkmark on such files to denote this fact. It is also possible to have these files on your local disk while offline. To do this, you should right-click the file and select the option always to keep on the device. This file is connoted by a White Checkmark.

If you want to free up space or save files on the cloud, all you need do is just click the file and select free up space. They would be moved from your local disk to cloud storage.

This newest feature is essential for IT disaster recovery if you have a small business in West Palm Beach.