New Features Of Microsoft Edge

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For better user experience, Microsoft has replaced Internet Explorer, its signature browser with the new Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. This is a welcome idea as Edge has several features you won’t see in the old Internet Explorer. Edge offers better web search optimization with some of its features. It also offers a smooth transition from any other web browser. Some other features worthy of mention have been outlined below.

Easy import of favorites

Microsoft Edge allows you to easily import the list of favorite websites from any web browser. For instance, a healthcare practitioner can mark several health related websites and import them into Microsoft Edge. This can be done by following the steps below:

  • Go to More actions tab. It is located next to the address bar
  • Select Settings
  • Click on Favorites settings tab
  • Choose the pages you want to add to your favorites list
  • Click import

A very good healthcare IT provider sometimes sends a list of links to health related webpages to their clients.

Modification of font size

With Edge, users can adjust the font size of any webpage. This feature is very important for those that have problems with their size. Some webpages have very small font just to conserve space. You may still have problems reading some text even with your glasses. Now, you can adjust the font size of any webpage with Microsoft Edge.

Healthcare IT providers can also recommend this browser to their clients so that they can in turn, inform some of their patients with eye problems. To change the font size of any webpage, follow the steps below:

  • Go to other actions
  • Select Settings tab
  • Scroll down to the reading section where you can change the font size. You can also change the brightness here too.

Ability to make notes on websites

The new browser allows you to highlight, circle or make notes on a particular website and share it with your friends that way. This will be a good tool for physicians to make notes on some health related information and share it with their patients. To make a note on a webpage, select Make-a-web-note and use tools like the ballpoint pen or highlighter. You can also add a typed note on the page you’re browsing. You can either click on share it or click on save to save it for future reference.

Create a reading list

With Edge, you can save e-books, articles and other content for later use. Once you sign in with a Microsoft account, your reading list will appear on your device. To add more, select Add to favorites or reading list. After that, select reading list and click on Add.

Ask Cortana

Users can access Cortana, a personal assistant on Windows 10. Cortana can make appointment with a nearby clinic for check-up, make dinner reservations and offer discounts on some select shopping websites and many more. To use it, you can simply highlight an image, a phrase or a word and right-click it. From the options that will come up, select Ask Cortana and you will receive more information on the highlighted text or image.

Ability to view and delete browser history

The sites you visit, your passwords and other information you enter into forms will be stored on your PC. For those that have activated Cortana, some of their data are stored in the cloud. These information are used to tailor the response you get from Cortana. You can view and delete all your browser history.