One Simple Change Lets Small Business Compete And Comply

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Small Business is facing three major trust issues in 2018. Many Small Businesses may not be aware of the impact that these events will have on their business and clientele.

The litigation in Europe that involved data privacy has led to legislation called the General Data Protection Regulation requirements. These are European Union laws that protect the privacy of customer’s personal data when they buy from Small Business and when they search for a Small Business to buy from.

The laws are so encompassing that any Small Business that does any business at all with a person from the European Union, a company from the European Union, or a company that does business with the European Union must take steps to meet the regulations.

Any failure to meet the privacy rules will be met with extraordinary fines even if the Small Business is only tangentially involved with another company that violated the new laws. This in itself is reason enough for Small Business to get tech support in West Palm Beach busy looking at solutions to the problem before the deadline arrives.

The seconds trust issue has been caused by the social media site that is the most popular in the world. Every Small Business has a page on this site because that is the place to be seen and to sell. A single person who toots a Small Business’s horn on this social media site is worth ten sales people.

The data breach resulted in a loss of only seven percent of the social media site’s membership. That means a Small Business lost little in potential new clients. The U. S. Government is considering implementing similar laws and constraints like the European Union has.

Again, Small Business needs to consult with tech support in West Palm Beach because the nanny government that is no nanny government is certain to make life more difficult for Small Business.

The third trust issue was in part caused by Small Business because they wanted to make the customer use experience as easy and productive as possible. Small Business adopted the chat box. The chat box is really an artificial intelligence program that records an almost infinite amount of data about each client that it interacts with. The E. U. laws make it necessary to corral the data the chat box has collected.

The problem might sound like it is an insurmountable impending doom for Small Business that does not have a huge tech budget. Fortunately, this is not the case at all.

The basic principle behind the European Union laws is that personal data collected by any device must be untraceable to the individual. The person’s name, address, phone number, location, and any details about any transaction cannot be tied to their email or their ISP account.

This idea on the surface prevents Small Business from making use of customer data to make marketing decisions and tailor offerings to a specific clientele.

A very simplistic solution to the problem has been devised. The E. U. laws do not prohibit assigning a pseudonym to an individual’s data. This is the solution to the problem for Small Business. A simple name change is not all there is to it. There is a change in data architecture that is required to maintain the integrity of the change for the long term.

Trust is important to Small Business growth and success over time. Small Business is now taxed with maintaining the data security of its client’s personal information according to new strict laws. The solution has already been developed and it is surprisingly simple and affordable.