Outlook.Com Has Got Some New Features

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For the sake of convenience, many businesses in the country will preferably choose to opt for Gmail as their email service provider. This is basically because it allows users to effectively synchronize their emails with Google applications. However, those seeking to have and enjoy some productivity enhancements such as increased storage capacity, an awesome design, as well as discreet ads should consider using Here are some features that may sound appealing to any business practice.

Get rid of unwanted emails with few clicks

Rather than waste meaningful time perusing through important and junk emails, you can now block unwanted emails and effectively organize your mailbox with just a few clicks. Configuring inbox preferences has never been this easy. You can automatically delete 10-day old messages and even block incoming emails from certain senders by clicking on the “Sweep” function. Use the “undelete” function to retrieve accidentally deleted messages that may be relevant to you.

Enhanced security features

The stealth email address features is a unique, security feature that grants Outlook account users the ability to create temporary email addresses. This is particularly helpful in situations where users are required to provide their email address to sign up for a particular service, such as file sharing or eCommerce websites, and they do not trust the security of these sites. With their temporary emails, they can avoid being hacked by filtering incoming emails from suspicious senders and if they suspect them to be spam, they can delete them.

Microsoft now sends users a one-time password via SMS whenever they log in to their Outlook account on a system using public WiFi or on any public device. Through this, further attempts by intruders to access their account after they’ve logged out of their account will be futile. Thanks to this additional safety procedure.

Effective sync with social media contacts

This feature helps to ensure easy synchronization and consolidation of outlook contacts with contacts from social media platforms like Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. So, those law practices whose connections extend to their social media contacts should consider this email service provider as a credible option. As a usual part of IT support , this feature can be used you sync professional contacts to their Outlook account.

Minimal advertising

Having a busy interface can be very distracting particularly for those practices that spend an excessive amount of time on their email. In Gmail, ads are typically seen right on top of the most recent email but this is not the case with the new Here, the number of intrusive ads is greatly minimized on the screen. As a matter of fact, users have significant control over ads that show up, as they are not prominently placed within their mailbox.