What Pokémon Go Means for the Tech Industry

PC Network Solutions Business

Do you remember how when Avatar hit theaters and broke box office records, every movie following that seemed to be in 3D? Well, it now seems that Pokémon is doing that for games. Every new game coming out on smartphones is boasting VR, from horror games to adventure simulations. But none really seem to be able to compete with the magic of Pokémon.

See, with Pokémon, players can travel through all of Florida, from West Palm Beach to Miami, searching for their beloved characters. It’s awesome and revolutionary in a way that may not be able to be replicated by other games. That is what makes Pokémon so special.

Some people get very into their Pokémon. IT service providers have been inundated with people who broke their phones by dropping them while looking for Pokémon or by getting too caught up in the game and smashing part of their screens while running. It is inevitable that people would be so consumed by their VR like this (it’s an amazing innovation). We wonder if one day, all these games will be played on those VR headsets that seem to be in scifi everywhere lately or even on clear screens. Can you imagine Pokémon on a clear screen? The IT service for fixing that would probably be challenging (but IT specialists are always up for a challenge).

So have fun out there with your Pokémon, and remember to stay safe. Your phone, and IT service provider, will thank you.