Preventing Cyber Attacks In Law Firms

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Cyber attacks are on the rise, and no industry is exempt from the target, not even the law. There has been an increase in cyber attacks on law firms in recent years and as result companies which provide IT support for law firms are suggesting more preventive methods of curbing the issue.

As a law firm, safeguarding your company from potential attacks should be first and foremost. Besides, it’s easier for all service providers to figure out ways to prevent these breaches rather than spend time finding loopholes after an attack. This article will cover the basics on preventing cyber attacks to help your law firm remain secure.

What Are Some Cyber Security Threats Law Firms Face?

To understand the importance of preventive cyber attack measures, you must recognize first the cyber security threats that your law firm may face.

The most common threats to law firms today is email phishing. Email phishing uses bogus emails to lead firms to compromised websites where the cyber attacker tries to gain access to their system and get a hold of clients’ money. Another common attack is targeted viruses and malware that are sent to break down your firm’s network. Also, there is a possibility of internal threats and issues caused by actions taken by staff members.

Take stock of what needs protection

The first step in preventing a breach is taking stock of what you are protecting. Evaluate every device in your company that has a connection to the internet, examine what type of data they contain, and what security system protects them. It goes without saying that devices that carry highly classified and important files should get the most attention during this process.

Test your current technological framework

With an idea of the possible threats, your firm may face you can get a clearer picture of the weakness and strengths in your system by testing it. With the help of a professional, you can create real-life attack scenarios and see how your system responds.

Create a plan

With all the legwork done you can now come up with a defensive plan to prevent cyber attacks. It may be difficult to come up with a strategy yourself. Therefore, enlist the help of companies that provide IT support for law firms. These experts have years of experience and can easily create strategies to strengthen your firm’s security network.

For your part ensure that all staffs in your company right down to the receptionists get regular coaching on how to spot and respond to cyber attacks. Install firewalls and prevention system that examine your network carefully to fish out anything suspicious. Order routine check-ups for your network, use web filtering services and install AntiVirus software.

As soon as you focus more on preventing rather than responding to attacks your law firm will become a fortress.