Reasons Why Professionals Need To Back Up Their Mobile Devices

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With new features being added to mobile devices daily, they now perform a wide variety of functions. They are, in fact, the new extension of PCs and laptops. A lot of people perform daily business functions using their phones. Smartphones are not just smart; they are portable, easy to carry around and are also quite efficient.

Why do You Need to Back Up?

Imagine getting a call from an angry client because you weren’t in court when his case was called or walking into a deposition unprepared because your phone was stolen and you do not have access to the activities saved on your calendar. Surely, these would present quite a disaster. So many lawyers are faced with such scenarios on a daily basis. Legal practitioners and law firms have a lot of information which they need to keep safe. Sometimes, they have to store a lot of data on a client or a case and would need to work up a system to enable them to remember and access these data. Such information is often stored on mobile devices for ease of access and confidentiality.

Mobile devices could be easily corrupted by malware, stolen, misplaced or damaged. Even having a low or dead battery could be a disaster where there is nowhere to charge your device immediately. Having a backup is usually a good idea all the time. It is so much easier to protect the data on your mobile device these days by remotely wiping it when stolen or lost thanks to Apple and Google. The challenge is retrieving the data on your clients, cases and work schedule.

How to Backup your Mobile Device

There are some ways you can backup your device. The OS on your device determines what backup plans you can use. This could either be Apple, Android or some other form of OS. With Apple or Android phones, it is quite easy. Other forms of OS may be somewhat complicated, and you may need the help of the law firm’s IT support staff.

If you use an Apple device, you can do any of the following:

  1. Backup from your device using iCloud
  2. Backup to your computer using iTunes.
  3. If you, however, use an Android, you can use:

Google sync which with your permission would sync your appointments, calendar, contacts, documents, and purchased apps. You may, however, need to re-download the app, although app data will be kept safe.

Phone Manufacturer Backup App like Sony Xperia Transfer or HTC Backup.

Third-party Backup Apps can also be downloaded and used.

In any case, your law firm can hire an IT company to do this for their staff. If you already have an IT support staff, they can help with the backup of your mobile device and that of other members of the law firm.