Small Business Safety Against Phishing: What Cybersecurity Consultants In South Florida Say

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Few years ago, identifying phishing attempts was relatively easy; the signs were obvious that you were walking into a scam. Signs of danger like grammatical errors and unsecured hosting of the fakes sites are now being increasingly eliminated by the phishers. The designs of the copycat sights are also so real with so much attention to detail that very few can point out the differences.

A new study reported that 25% of all phishing sites are now hosted on https servers with SSL certificates that sometimes include aspects of the phished domain. The number has been on an upsurge from less than 1% two years ago to its record high level today. There are many reasons for this upsurge including: cheap cost of SSL certificates; the trust people have in the certificate and the likelihood that it will attract more victims.

Small businesses are among those at risk of falling victim to these attacks. They usually operate on the same security level as most personal accounts would and that brings us to the main point of our discussion, how small businesses can avoid being the latest in the line of victims of phishing attacks.

The most important tip from Cybersecurity consulting firms in South Florida is for us to start questioning what we think we know about internet security. The fact that many internet users believe for example, that the green icon in the address bar indicates that a site is safe and the data being entered is protected is wrong. It instead means that the link between the device sending the information and that on the receiving end (legit or not) is secure.

The following are some tips to help in remaining safe.

Links Aren’t Always What They Seem

Before clicking a link, it is advisable to hover the mouse on the button to allow the browser show a glimpse of where such a link goes. While this can help to decipher short links, longer ones can be more cumbersome, therefore attention needs to be paid to the root domain to ensure there isn’t the slightest discrepancy.

There is Always a Bait to Take

Information from Cybersecurity consulting firms in South Florida say that phishers like to play on the fearful minds of their prospective victims by spooking them into thinking their information has been compromised and requiring instant action. Mails with such battle cries are almost always fake.

Since it seems there’s always a bait link to click, it is best to bookmark sensitive sites to avoid having to click an email link. It is better to always log in manually when these messages come in.

Never Install Something You did not Download

There will be codecs claiming they downloaded to help you play some content or other attempts like that. For the sake of your business, please always ignore them.

Staying safe from phishing requires constant vigilance since phishers are constantly evolving. Cybersecurity consulting firms like those in South Florida are always coming out with new information to help people stay safe.