Surviving The Imminent Voice Over IP (Voip) – Unified Communications Vendor Consolidation

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Unified communications (UC) and Voice over IP (VoIP) are the powerhouses of most government and commercial organizations. LogMeln bought Jive, Cisco bought BroadSoft, and Polycom and Mitel are merging. It is crucial that you plan to steer your company through a vendor consolidation in order to avoid potential service complications.

Review Your SLAs and Vendor Contract

A day might come when you will sit in front of your office computer, visit your favorite news platform, and find out that a bigger company has bought over your UC and VoIP provider. The very first person you might call is your corporate lawyer, to make sure the lawyer knows what’s going on. You will want your attorney to go through the vendor contract to see if there is any clause regarding the acquisition of the vendor or changes in ownership so that you know what’s in for you if an acquisition takes place.

Your next line of action should be to call your IT department, asking them to review the SLA (service level agreement) you have with your UC and VoIP provider. You might need a professional IT support in Boca Raton during this phase.

Meet With Your Sales Reps

Hopefully, a couple of days after the announcement of the acquisition, you should hear from your sales rep. If you don’t, contact your sales rep and set up a meeting to know the effect the acquisition will have on you as a customer. As the rep questions about potential contractual problems, SLAs, and change of staffs on the development or deployment side.

It is also essential to know about the support transition plan to make sure that your support contracts and service level agreements will be supported fully during the merger or acquisition of the provider. Also, make sure you have your contracts person or corporate lawyer present at the meeting, the lawyer should also review any fine print that could affect your UC or VoIP service.

Start Contacting other Providers

Depending on how comfortable you are with the acquisition or merger of the provider, you should start responding to call or emails from other VoIP or UC providers. You should even consider contacting other providers to know what they can offer your company.

You Need to Have an Exit Strategy

You need to put together a swift exit strategy. Having an adequate exit plan in place from your UC or VoIP provider is a great business sense, even when things are going well. But it is far much necessary during an acquisition or a merger. You could just walk into your office one morning and find out that the service you rely on is now in the hands of a new owner. Your plan should include a potential UC or VoIP provider and an adequate IT support in Boca Raton.