The Importance Of Vulnerability Testing For Increased Cyber Security

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Those who are responsible for cyber security support in Boca Raton have a number of boxes that they need to check off. Digitization may come with an untold number of benefits but medical facilities are not able to enjoy these advantages unless the proper testing takes place first. Why Vulnerability Testing Is a Must For Cyber Security Support In Boca …

Computing At Its Peak: The Internet Of Everything

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The Internet of Things, since the creation of the internet, has brought about an increase in interactivity and connectivity between people, machines, sensors, and robots. This is facilitated by faster data generation, processing, and intelligence. The world is currently at the fourth industrial revolution which is digitally powered and helps to extend and deepen the automation of factories. The first …


Bitcoin Investment And How It Affects Cybersecurity In Fort Lauderdale

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Bitcoin is now known all around the world as a digital currency and many people are continuously investing in it. There are over 700 types of cryptocurrencies aside from the Bitcoin. Bitcoin has changed the business market today as it is now being adopted in many transactions across the globe. This article is not about how this digital currency affects …


VoIP Solutions for Business in Fort Lauderdale: Session Initiation Protocol (Sip) Trunking

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Session Initiation Protocol is a protocol for communications that issued for communication between various devices on the network of a computer, whether on the WAN, LAN, or online. The conversation of a two-way phone can serve as a better illustration, a conversation that is established using VoIP on the WAN or LAN or a Session Initiation Protocol trunk over the …