Avoid Thieves Pretending To Be IRS Leveraging Tax Preparers, Client Bank Accounts To Scam People

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Of late, many gullible individuals have had their online accounts hacked by scammers specializing in tax refund fraud. They basically file phony refund requests to unsuspecting clients of several tax preparation firms. Posing as a collection agency, these criminals will contact those clients whose accounts have been hacked once money has been deposited into their bank accounts. Deposits are usually …

IT Support Should Be On High Alert Following Massive Breach In Pentagon

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With the alarming rates of cybercrime being recorded, it is important that businesses look for reliable IT support in West Palm Beach. According to a team set up to monitor cyber risk, the Pentagon is leaking sensitive information to the public due to data breaches. This includes sensitive data about the army intelligence and security in the United States as …

Better Contract Management And Cybersecurity Consulting In West Palm Beach

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Small Business in West Palm Beach runs well based on functioning contracts with suppliers. Any Small Business that depends on repeat sales is dependent on a contractual relationship of some kind to make record keeping accurate. A December 2017 poll of purchasing managers from Fortune 1000 companies shows that 80 percent of all business to business transactions are governed and …


Cybersecurity In Fort Lauderdale: How Artificial Intelligence Affects Business

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AI is currently the center of attraction in the business world. Many people believe that it will replace core segments of the workforce. Others believe that it will support the knowledge workers of today and provide capabilities beyond the capacity of a human being. There is some truth in these statements. Tata Consultancy Services conducted a poll that showed that …

Cybersecurity Consulting In Boca Raton And Emerging Tech In 2018

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Much of the “new” tech that was hyped in 2017 will become a reality for Small Business in 2018. IBM, Google, Microsoft and several small companies are poised to present new tools and functionalities that can truly revolutionize Small Business. This is a real profit revolution not a tech revolution. A major problem with new tech has always been security. …


Former Botmaster, ‘Darkode’ Founder Is The Cto Of Hacked Bitcoin Mining Firm ‘Nicehash’

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On 6 December 2017, $52 million worth of digital currency disappeared mysteriously from the possession of NiceHash, the Slovenian company that allows their users to sell computing power to help people mine virtual currencies. Many NiceHash users are surprised to discover the CTO of the company was incarcerated for operating as well as reselling a huge botnet. He also created …