What You Should Know Before Purchasing Enterprise Wi-Fi

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When it comes to rending networking services in the workplace, IT professionals are always ready to deal with any issues they encounter. Identifying the right WLAN solution to provide is one of the main hurdles to overcome in the industry. Basically, it is recommended that every organization carry their on-staff wireless experts along when budgeting for an enterprise Wi-Fi . …

Computing At Its Peak: The Internet Of Everything

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The Internet of Things, since the creation of the internet, has brought about an increase in interactivity and connectivity between people, machines, sensors, and robots. This is facilitated by faster data generation, processing, and intelligence. The world is currently at the fourth industrial revolution which is digitally powered and helps to extend and deepen the automation of factories. The first …


How To Stay Safe In A World Of Escalating Cyber Attacks

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Kaspersky researchers have recorded over 44,000 attacks in about 99 countries, which includes Russia, Uk, Ukraine, China, India, Egypt, and Italy. Major companies including Law firms, health service providers, and telecommunication firms were infected. This is according to a report by a security research company, Malware Hunter Team. Last Friday evening, a ransomware was simultaneously spreading through South America and …