Avoid Thieves Pretending To Be IRS Leveraging Tax Preparers, Client Bank Accounts To Scam People

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Of late, many gullible individuals have had their online accounts hacked by scammers specializing in tax refund fraud. They basically file phony refund requests to unsuspecting clients of several tax preparation firms. Posing as a collection agency, these criminals will contact those clients whose accounts have been hacked once money has been deposited into their bank accounts. Deposits are usually …

How New EU Privacy Law Would Affect Cybersecurity

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In three months from now, the new European privacy regulations will take effect. In a bid to comply with the new privacy regulations, many companies around the globe are already struggling frantically to make necessary adjustments. But many security experts are already speculating that the new EU privacy law may weaken cybersecurity in Boca Raton and in general. They are …

Cybersecurity Consulting in Boca Raton: The Intel Security Flaw is Affecting Your Business Too

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If you work in Cybersecurity Consulting in Boca Raton you will be aware of the latest Intel specific hardware bug potentially affecting your system. It allows userspace applications to access protected memory in the kernel and slows you down. No Small Business can afford time lost when systems are on a go slow. Time lost means profits go down. We must identify and work on the problem …


Cybersecurity Consulting For Law Firms In West Palm Beach

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A few years ago, people who needed unauthorized access to password-protected websites often obtained “bot logs” on lease from criminals through an underground forum. These criminals develop malware that can steal the credentials of a victim from information entered into Web-based login forms. User passwords stored in web browsers can also be stolen by these bot log sellers, enabling them …

Cybersecurity Consulting In Boca Raton And Emerging Tech In 2018

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Much of the “new” tech that was hyped in 2017 will become a reality for Small Business in 2018. IBM, Google, Microsoft and several small companies are poised to present new tools and functionalities that can truly revolutionize Small Business. This is a real profit revolution not a tech revolution. A major problem with new tech has always been security. …


Beware Of Gift Cards That Are Tampered With When Buying

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Prepaid gift cards are very popular and well-appreciated presents, but before you buy any gift card, make sure you take a look at it very well to ensure no one has tampered with it. A regular scam that usually comes up during the holidays involves criminals who remove the decals that obscure the redemption code of gift cards and then …


Cybersecurity Boca Raton: Adding Accessories To Your Android Device

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There’s good news concerning anyone who uses handheld Android devices or any other technological accessory in the day of their service for Cybersecurity Boca Raton. Plug in abilities are not just limited to desktop and laptop devices in today’s modern technologically advanced community. As a matter of fact, Android handheld devices prove to be extremely useful when they are paired …