How To Prevent Or Detect Security Breaches In Your System

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What makes malwares and viruses dangerous is that they will lie low in a hidden location like a submarine in the waters of your system and continue to wreak havoc undetected for a long time. Some of them go unnoticed for weeks, months of even a year. The most worrisome part is that the search for compromises usually begins only …

A Closer Look At The State Of Modern Online Security

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If you are someone who works in the medical profession and you have spent any amount of time around medical IT support, you have probably noticed that there is a great deal of conversation taking place when it comes to online security. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new realities that are shaping our online world…. Medical …

Five Strategic Ways To Improve It In A Workplace

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IT plays a very important role in today’s business environment. Already, many law firms are adopting this technology to handle several expanded roles within their organizations such as automation, cloud, and data analytics. This has not only helped to relieve employees from time-consuming tasks but also simplify the entire work process. No doubt, there is much to achieve with IT …

What Effect Will Data Transmission Costs Challenges Have On Law Firms?

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Now that the companies that are responsible for the facilitation of content delivery are taking a closer look at their economic models, IT support for law practices find themselves wondering what comes next. When data is delivered from the centers that are responsible for its storage to the end user, certain transmission charges take place. The cloud operators are the …

Computing At Its Peak: The Internet Of Everything

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The Internet of Things, since the creation of the internet, has brought about an increase in interactivity and connectivity between people, machines, sensors, and robots. This is facilitated by faster data generation, processing, and intelligence. The world is currently at the fourth industrial revolution which is digitally powered and helps to extend and deepen the automation of factories. The first …


Personal Spying Malware-Fruitfly

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Much press and time have been focused on malware that seeks to gain monetary compensation immediately and directly. Ransomware has become a great threat in 2017 but the actual loss from the threat has not achieved the expectations of hackers or law enforcement. A new bred of malware has been discovered. The malware has been dubbed fruitfly spyware. The objective …


How To Hurricane Proof Your Business

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Hurricane season can spell trouble if you are not prepared for it, whether you live on a coast or inland. Mostly around September and October, the peak hurricane season runs. So, it won’t be a bad suggestion to have a review of your commercial insurance coverage, and healthcare IT so as to ensure you don’t have any gaps during such …


Virtualization: An IT Support For Improving Data Security

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Separating business data from personal ones improves its security. Desktop and server virtualization are useful in protecting information and increasing computing accuracy. This technology is simpler with mobile devices. Virtualization on such tools can be helpful in arranging and protecting data stored on a drive. Besides, it has proved to be an excellent IT support for medical practices. The National …

Data Hacking: How It Is Happening To More Businesses

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Data security has been a topic of great concern because of the recent surge in data breaches. Countries are still trying to figure out how best to put in place cyber laws that help protect individuals and businesses operating online. Why Data Breaches Can Be Disastrous For Companies Company data breaches are serious offenses because the hackers responsible are now …