Disaster Recovery In Fort Lauderdale: The Alliance Between Sap And Microsoft

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Microsoft and SAP have dabbled with different technical alliances for over 20 years. In 1997, the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, spoke to 3000 participants from about 25 countries. He stressed the crucial role that SAP plays in the alliance. He stated that no other brand has had such an impact on the development of products at Microsoft. In 1993, …


How Disaster Recovery Services In Fort Lauderdale Can Save Your Business

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Today, businesses continually face the risk of disaster due to a myriad of foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. Yes, disaster is inevitable since it’s impossible for business, especially Small Businesses to eliminate all the risks that might occur. For this reason, disaster recovery services are paramount in curbing potentially disruptive events. This process provides detailed solutions on how the small business …