How USPS Can Expose Law Firms To Cyber Threats

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The global advancement in technology has equally led to a corresponding increase in the number of cyber thefts encountered daily. This continuous rise as cyber theft has made everyone nervous and has become a major source of concern. For law practices and other industries, cybersecurity and IT support have become a big issue. This is because the database in law …


5 Ways To Protect Your IoT Devices

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In recent years, smart gadgets seemed like novelty products to wealthy business owners. But the case is different now as Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly taking over as people connect everything from their cars to home automation systems and the Internet. These devices are starting to change the way we live and work. Whether is a smart TV or …


Common Misconceptions About Containers

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Medical care owners stand to gain much by taking time to comprehend the emerging health care IT support trends. Talking about containers, it is an opportunity to cut costs, enhance hardware capacity, and improve the security of data. One major way to understand containers is to deal with the misconceptions about it. Containers are formed from the least software and …

What Are IT Outsourcing Services?

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Businesses of different sizes derive many benefits from information technology IT Outsourcing services as they form key ingredient of customer service delivery. Managed services providers take the responsibility for managing, monitoring and resolving network support functions on your behalf. IT outsourcing companies offer services such as security, alerts, data backup, and maintenance of storage systems, networks and applications among others. …

What is IT Outsourcing?

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IT Outsourcing refers to the latest model of IT management. The fact that a Managed Services Provider is liable for the risk and responsibility related to managing IT systems is what sets IT Managed Services apart from conventional IT support. Traditionally, an IT support company is called only when facing some IT-related problem. Somebody is then sent by them to …