Bitcoin Investment And How It Affects Cybersecurity In Fort Lauderdale

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Bitcoin is now known all around the world as a digital currency and many people are continuously investing in it. There are over 700 types of cryptocurrencies aside from the Bitcoin. Bitcoin has changed the business market today as it is now being adopted in many transactions across the globe. This article is not about how this digital currency affects …


Devious Adware Discovered On Facebook

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These days, it’s become very much easy to get rid of an email from an unfamiliar source telling you to download a file or click on a link. Thanks to its spam-like features. However, it’s very rare to detect such messages on a social media platform such as Facebook Messenger. In fact, deleting it becomes a problem especially when it’s …


Amazon Appstream 2.0 And The Healthcare Industry

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These days, the working environment is no longer restricted to the four walls of an office. People now work from the comfort of their homes as they commute to work, and sometimes during a vacation. This is applicable even in medical practices and healthcare. It is a robust development that creates an avenue for better service delivery. One of the …

5 Benefits of Switching to Managed IT

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Most businesses are turning the management of their IT systems to Managed Services Providers. Managed IT has become an efficient and safe way of managing the corporate IT infrastructure. It allows you to focus the internal IT staff on strategic issues and leave the routine IT management responsibilities on the hands of managed service providers. Switching to managed IT will …