Copycat On The Prowl For Android

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Listen up Android users; new forms of malware are developed every day, and they affect you in ways that you can never imagine. In the year 2015, there were over 1.4 million created per day, making the competition high. Some of this malware had to go off the grid. One popular one was CopyCat. CopyCat CopyCat is a strain of …


Prevent Ransomware With HIPPA Compliance

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As a result of new technological development in the world today, a great number of industrial firms are constantly under threat of recent cyber-attacks. One of the sectors that has been mostly affected by this development is the healthcare industry. Recently, it was discover that healthcare organizations and hospitals were among the first industries to be greatly affected by the …


Virtualization: An IT Support For Improving Data Security

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Separating business data from personal ones improves its security. Desktop and server virtualization are useful in protecting information and increasing computing accuracy. This technology is simpler with mobile devices. Virtualization on such tools can be helpful in arranging and protecting data stored on a drive. Besides, it has proved to be an excellent IT support for medical practices. The National …


How To Stay Safe In A World Of Escalating Cyber Attacks

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Kaspersky researchers have recorded over 44,000 attacks in about 99 countries, which includes Russia, Uk, Ukraine, China, India, Egypt, and Italy. Major companies including Law firms, health service providers, and telecommunication firms were infected. This is according to a report by a security research company, Malware Hunter Team. Last Friday evening, a ransomware was simultaneously spreading through South America and …


Cloudbleed:  A Potential  Risk To Your Data

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Cloudbleed is the result of an error in Cloudflare’s code which resulted in the spill of millions of personal information, login credentials and cookies all over the internet. The bug was recently discovered by the internet security company (Cloudflare), and since then, they have worked to minimize and containing the security risks. As it stands, it appears that the hackers …

The Dangers of a Dropped Network

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Your network is the one thing that connects you to people, data, and the internet. If it goes down, everything within your operations may come to a standstill, and that means you have to do everything to prevent that from happening. Network support in West Palm Beach can be ongoing so that issues are caught before they have the chance …