What To Expect From The New Office 2019

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Office 365 is a convenient cloud solution which is probably the reason why it is so widely used. The software supports healthcare IT and has almost 30 million users presently. However, this figure cannot be compared to the number of people who use licensed versions of the productivity suite from Microsoft as they are estimated to be over one billion …


A Closer Look At The New Microsoft Teams

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During the Ignite conference that took place last month, Microsoft unveiled a variety of new developments and upgrades. One of the latest developments that particularly caught the attention of users was the phasing out of Skype for Business. Microsoft confirmed that they were fully committed their new collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams which will eventually replace Skype for Business. Upgrades for …


Boost Your Productivity With Workplace Analytics

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Workplace Analytics is an updated and upgraded version of Microsoft’s MyAnalytics. The major upgrade in the application lies in the ability managers to access it and assess their subordinates. The concept behind the upgrade is to give managers insight into the individual performance of each of their subordinates. It also provides a platform for them to assess the system with …


Using Power Bi To Benefit From Office 365

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Obviously, it’s hard to believe that there would be something else that could have been included to improve the benefits which many businesses are enjoying today from Office 365. But to the surprise of everyone, Microsoft released yet another amazing feature that people working in the healthcare can apply to obtain better returns on the productivity software investment. Introducing Power …