Cybersecurity Consulting In West Palm Beach: How Apple Pay Works

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In this fast-paced world where everyone is constantly on the move, more ways are being introduced to make it faster. It is believed that as revolutionary methods are provided to simplify doing things, this would make time available for other things. An indirect result of this is that people can become more productive with their time. While this can be …


Personal Spying Malware-Fruitfly

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Much press and time have been focused on malware that seeks to gain monetary compensation immediately and directly. Ransomware has become a great threat in 2017 but the actual loss from the threat has not achieved the expectations of hackers or law enforcement. A new bred of malware has been discovered. The malware has been dubbed fruitfly spyware. The objective …


How To Stay Safe In A World Of Escalating Cyber Attacks

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Kaspersky researchers have recorded over 44,000 attacks in about 99 countries, which includes Russia, Uk, Ukraine, China, India, Egypt, and Italy. Major companies including Law firms, health service providers, and telecommunication firms were infected. This is according to a report by a security research company, Malware Hunter Team. Last Friday evening, a ransomware was simultaneously spreading through South America and …


Protecting Your Legal Practice Form Ransomware

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Legal practices and law firms are not immune from any form of ransomware. The integrity and income of a law firm are based on the impeccable confidentiality of all communications between attorneys and clients. Computerization of verbal and written communication has made legal practices a prime target for ransomware. The costs can be staggering. Ransomware cost companies $24 million in …


How To Defeat Ransomware Targeting Mac Systems

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Although the majority of ransomware were designed to target Windows systems, a new variety is now targeting and attacking Mac systems being used by individuals and businesses such as law firms and legal practices. The ransomware tagged “Mac ransomware OSX/Filecoder.E” was discovered by researchers last month and acts just like any other variant of the crypto locker by encrypting all …