Take A Look At These 4 Unknown Google Apps

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If you are talking about the most known apps, you can’t forget Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and some others. You can’t own a smartphone and not have them installed. These apps are very popular, and they tend to make other apps look less important. Let us take a look at these Google apps you probably didn’t know existed. They are hidden treasures you’re going to want to discover.

Chrome Remote Desktop

This app gives the user a lot of benefit in terms of support. If there is the need for a remote assistance, you can simply allow the person temporary access to your desktop and revoke access when the issues are resolved. The benefit is the ability to have access to your desktop via your mobile device (tablet, smartphone, Chromebook). The simple step is to install a Google Chrome extension, assign a pin for the remote access and that’s all.

Trusted Contacts

It’s an unfriendly world out there and that is the reason sharing apps like Trusted Contacts are necessary. With this app, you can share your location with a contact who is also making use of the app. The app allows you to request the other person’s location too. One spectacular thing about this app is the ability to send your location when you are offline. When a request is made on a person’s location, the app automatically sends the last known location in 5 minutes.

Google Handwriting Input

Not everyone finds it easy to type with their smartphones and that’s why the introduction of apps like Swype are welcome. Google handwriting Input is similar to Swype, but it’s more flexible and easy to use. It lets you handwrite your IMs, text messages, create emojis with the use of a finger or a stylus. This app is very useful to those who communicate in languages that require the use of special characters.

Google Trips

Planning a business or leisure travel is quite tasking and making use of different apps adds more stress. Google trips lessen the stress associated with planning your trip. It puts all the data like itinerary, hotel address, transportation and other trip related matters which you can access offline and online. It also recommends places to visit when you are on your trip.

You might just be missing out on some of these features and probably what your business needs are hidden in these apps. Try something new and you may even find out more features that are listed here. For Legal IT Services get a reliable company to advise you.

We are always looking out for apps and tools that would add color to your business or day to day life. If you need Legal IT Services, you can contact us for more information. We’ve got you covered.