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Recently, there were several data breaches. Some of the largest companies in several industries were hacked, and their customer’s information was compromised. Healthcare organizations are conscious of this and have taken steps to protect their patient’s information. This includes hiring more IT professionals and revamping procedures that deal with information retrieval.

Access to Patient Information Should Be Monitored

One of the latest initiatives is to monitor access to patient information. This will prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing health information. New guidelines would also limit the ability of employees to steal protected health data for financial gain. In fact, the healthcare industry is the only sector where the threat of cyber crime is from employees. This was the conclusion of a report published by Verizon. 58% of cyber-related events in the healthcare industry was attributed to insiders.

Healthcare companies should make cyber-security a top priority. Contact tech support in West Palm Beach today. One recommendation is to require security training for the staff. The company should also enforce policies when unauthorized employees access patient information. This includes reprimanding employees and firing them.

Encrypting Files and Disks Secures Health Information

While transporting patient information on portable devices, there’s a chance that it could be stolen. A thief could access all the information if it isn’t encrypted. With encryption, the data is secure. Usually, a password is required to access the files. Without it, it is nearly impossible to access the data stored on the device. The highest encryption is 256-bit encryption. Contact tech support in West Palm Beach for more information.

Some companies don’t require reporting of lost devices if it is encrypted. This reduces the responsibility of the employee, and the company avoids fines. The cost of the device isn’t as important as the value of health information of patients. A laptop can be replaced if it is stolen, but the information contained in it might be used for malicious purposes against the patient.

The Infrastructure of Information is Important

There are lots of sources of cyber crime. Most involve emails and websites. These are easy access points for hackers. They usually introduce malware into the device. When a device is infected with malware, it should be isolated so that it doesn’t affect the network. It shouldn’t be used to access the web or email. A new device should be provided to take care of patients. This will ensure that their privacy is protected.

There are several ways to secure a device. Use passwords and biometrics. Fingerprint authentication is very secure. Change the password every three months. Another recommendation is to use encrypted Wi-Fi networks to access the Internet. If the Wi-Fi access point isn’t encrypted, usernames and passwords might be visible to hackers.