Tech Tattoos; The Future Of Tomorrow

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Tattooing has been around for centuries, whether for decorative design on one’s skin, for ritual, or religious reasons. In January of this year, Chaotic Moon released a new project they currently are working on; the Tech Tattoo. These tattoos are not meant to be permanent. In the future they offer another alternative than having to get a checkup every so often. Many people as it is, do not go in for checkup, like it has been suggested to us in our modern era. With Tech Tattoos, medical professionals would be able to monitor heart beats, temperatures, blood pressures, and most other things that go on at a checkup.


The tattoo itself is made from a conductible ink that can hold more than just medical information. Taking of one’s information has been made more simple. Tech Tattoos would offer another way to store, and protect financial information, such as banking information, and credit cards. Not to mention the tattoo not being permanent is a positive notion when it comes to such important information such as knowledge on someone’s financials. People are taught to change their password every three months, because what they have on their computers could be used to take their identities. Living in a world that everything is high tech based, and being able to get the objects that one desires or even needs is based on having good credit. Tech Tattoos would be a step in the right direction in protecting such information.


Tech Tattoos could be used for more as well. They could be used for keeping children safe as well. Parents already are tracking their children’s whereabouts with smartphone apps. Updating a Tech Tattoo each year could mean safety for a child if they are ever taken from their home. These tattoos could also work as a sort of device that would let the parents and police know where the kidnapped or lost child is at. Putting Tech Tattoos on soldiers has also been a thought as well. A soldier would have one put on them once they are overseas fighting. When they come back home from fighting would be when the Tech Tattoo would be taken off. Since it would be used as a tracking device, and have it taken off when they are home in the states. While overseas, the tattoos would serve as a great tool identify locations of soldiers, and give exact coordinates if a soldier or anyone of importance was taken by the people they were fighting. Not to mention there would be another way to know if a soldier was still living or not. These tattoos are still in their infancy, but the possibilities of use are endless.