Technological Security Against Social Engineering

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According to NEWS reports, Hackers are still successful despite many companies creating complex protection programs to safeguard their data and systems. Although, many of these companies have successful reduces the chance of being hacked.

Limiting the success of these hackers with sophisticated defence systems has made them generate another strategy – social engineering.cyber-security-and-data-security-services

Social engineering isn’t new; it has been around for quite a while. All through human history, scammers have always exploited human using various deceptive means to obtain vital info or achieve other goals that seem valuable to them. Consulting cybersecurity in West Palm beach will enhance the defence system of companies

Recently, hackers are gradually carrying out their cruel act in bits unlike during the past. This means that they are steadily tending towards social engineering method.

There was a report in 2015 that social engineering method was becoming the top techniques used by hackers.

New Names, Same Game

Right from time, scammers have always used different methods to cheat unsuspecting victims.

Here are some of the most successful and popular social engineering methods used by hackers:

  • Baiting: Hacker infects a storage device such as flash drive and abandons some type of devices for someone to use.
  • Water-Holing: Malicious code is covered up inside famous sites, drawing casualties to click and that at that point affect the person’s p.c.
  • Pretexting: Often used to mimic companions, partners or specialist figures in requesting for private data
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) Scams: Similar to phishing, BEC tricks are messages that seem to start from a top figure such as the CEO, and normally ask for payment to be made to a questionable account.
  • Ransomware: Employees are tricked into introducing programming that encodes and bolts undertaking information, which remains bolted until a payment is made
  • Phishing: This is the use of email to persuade the company to make a move so as obtain information from companies


Focusing on the Not-So-Good and the Good.

Technology is advancing so fast and unlike the human nature that will continuously remain exact. Criminals have always had success focusing on the weaknesses of human – fear, insecurity, greed.

Social engineers also focus on the strong character of humans. Here are some of the characters targeted by social engineers according to a San Institute study:

  • Obedience to authority
  • Helpfulness
  • Loyalty
  • Trustworthiness

Social engineers are taking advantage of the permanent nature of human and it will be very challenging to resist.

Stay alert or Get Hurt.

There are some ideas offered by The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team to protect oneself and business.

Making use of the latest edition of the best protection services (antivirus) for your system will give a specific level of security.

The best protection is by staying alert and educating your employee because technology cannot provide full protection.

Social engineers use a various degree of efforts. The aim remains to exploit you and your organization. Consulting cybersecurity agency in West Palm Beach will help you and your employees on how to protect your company.