Technology Advice For Law Firms: Router Vulnerabilities

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These days, posts about how antivirus software fails to protect you from malware are often seen online. This is not just a scare tactic; there is news about the different ways techniques hackers use to break into people’s computer system that antivirus solutions are not able to detect. For instance, the router exploits kit leaked recently from the CIA.

For over four months, a popular and shady website known for leaking sensitive government information it obtained from the Central Intelligence Agency has been on a roll. The data released shows top-secret surveillance projects dated from 2013-2016 which were mostly about cyber espionage.

In one of the recent document releases, government-sponsored programs and methods were described as a means used to exploit offices, homes, public wireless routers for tracking both internet connection and accessing of files kept in devices connected to tampered networks. Law firms can protect themselves by getting IT support for law practices. Also according to the document, about 25 models of wireless routers from ten manufacturers were said to have been exploited by the CIA. These wireless routers weren’t off-brand budget devices either, rather they were from some of the most recognized names in wireless networking, and they account for over a third of wireless routers on the marketplace. This means that there’s a high possibility you are at risk.

After a major outcry from popular sites, you don’t need to worry much about being part of government cyber espionage as well. In the last couple of years, almost all of these leaks have found their way into criminal hands quicker than you can imagine.

Repairing Vulnerabilities

It is a tricky business to fix security gaps in hardware, being that they are mostly used for monitoring rather corruption. In some cases, there are hardly any visual signs that show your hardware is corrupt. With that in mind, make sure to plan on a regular basis by updating your hardware device software anytime you can.

Going through your router’s software interface is usually not a user-friendly experience, and this is where IT support for law practices are needed. But most times, you need to visit the manufacturer’s site and log in with the administrator username and password to access it. If you encounter any strange message like, set to the default “admin” and “password,” change them immediately. And once you successfully logged in, click on the settings menus, go through it and you will find the Firmware Update page. Instructions are there for easy installation.


The Central Intelligence Agency’s router leaks were ambiguous and it’s unclear how recent they are. However, it is fairly certain that the manufacturers have since patched the vulnerabilities. Nonetheless, updating your router’s firmware should keep you safe from most of cyber security risks. And if you are not sure of completing the task on your own, opt for IT support for law practices to prevent further firmware vulnerabilities.