The Benefits Of Data Visualization For Your Business

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It may interest you to know that printed materials like books make up about 6 percent of the overall data usage in the world. The other part of this figure is all digital. This statistical data is just amazing because digital information has only just been around for a few years. Even with the long existence of human or traditional recordkeeping, digital data seems to be moving fast without it-computer-support-west-palm-beachany interruption.

Why Data Visualization?

The human brain has the capacity to process lists and spreadsheets. However, the brain’s attention timeframe is just 8 seconds. The reason for this is that it is programmed for illustrations and graphics, not for written work or languages.

According to the renowned neuroscience researcher, Maryanne Wolf, the human brain can be described as an open architecture. When the brain decodes, it translates letters into words a process similar to images and symbols. Consequently, images are now the written languages.

Benefits of Data Visualization for Businesses

Before 2016, the rate at which data was produced annually reached 5.6 zettabytes which was two times the rate in 2012. In other to make better informed decisions, organizations need to interpret, access, and act on data as fast as possible to gain a competitive advantage.

The techniques and tools for data visualization provide an opportunity for executives to approach data from a new perspective. It also enlightens organizations about the mystery behind heaps of information and helps them use this information to their advantage.

Retaining Important Information

A survey in 2013 by Aberdeen group showed that business owners are 28 percent more likely to locate information quickly with the help of visual data recovery tools when compared to those who solely rely on reports and dashboards.

Another survey recorded by the school of medicine in the University of Pennsylvania, reviewed that the retina has the capacity to transmit over 10 million bits of data every second. Nevertheless, most of the compiled reports in different businesses are filled with statistics that ultimately make it tough to clearly understand information.

Interacting With Data

By depending on real-time analysis and data visualization, the executives and managers are able to view the newly updated statistics. They can also conveniently make crucial decisions for the future. An organization using real data visualization is likely to achieve up to 20 percent increase from operations in cash revenue and 26 percent increase in other new accounts

It has been estimated by over 90 percent of businesses that the demand for the tools that promote data visualization will increase. Based on these findings, the time for assessing information is expected to reduce by 9 hours, offering businesses immense opportunities and more revenue.

If you require Tech Support in West Palm Beach, then you should consider incorporating these tools to your enterprise. If your team for tech support in West Palm Beach adopt data visualization you will enjoy the amazing benefits mentioned above.