The Costs Of Your Server Going Down

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The modern business requires reliable servers in order to operate at full capacity and while some neglect the importance of proper computer network support, the costs that are associated with a prolonged server outage can cause serious grief for a business that is not properly prepared for such an occurrence.

Unscheduled downtime is a worst case scenario, especially for a growing business that has yet to reach its full potential. The costs that are associated with technical issues of this nature are far reaching and even the best computer support systems are not always able to stem the tide once they have begun to take place.

Even one hour of non availability for a company server can have dire consequences. For example, let’s say that your employees are left without access to their e-mail accounts or their databases. There is also a good chance that your web server will go down as well. If you are tasked with contacting with a computer network support technician outside of your company, you are left at their mercy, as it will take them a certain amount of time to arrive and remedy the issue.

In just one hour, you have not only lost a sizable amount of worker productivity, but you have also paid your employees a sizable amount of money not to work. You are also forced to spend a king’s ransom on an outside computer support technician and your customers are affected by the ordeal.

In addition to the hard costs that are associated with employee downtime and repair, there are numerous soft costs that a company needs to consider before they place undue pressure and strain on their servers. Frustrated workers typically do not appreciate losing out on valuable time that could be spent advancing towards their goals and objectives.

The business may also fail to reach important deadlines and goals that they have set for themselves as a result of a server outage. A failure to reach chosen deadlines and goals will also result in a loss of customer goodwill and unfortunately for the modern business, it can take several years to build goodwill among a client base and only one short server outage to place it in serious jeopardy.

The damage that is done to a company’s brand when they allow a server outage to take place tends to be irreversible and will cause a client to take their business elsewhere. The costs of repair and maintenance pale in comparison to the costs of having to recruit new clientele as a result of negligent behaviors and it is in a business’ best interests to establish a strong support system for their servers in the early going, so that they can avoid all of the hard and soft costs that are associated with a server going down.