The Need To Adopt Virtualized MDM For Your Law Firm

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In today’s unpredictable IT landscape, mobile security is very important. There are a number of ways to ensure that your employees safely have access to your data away and from the workplace. Combining virtualization technology with mobile security measures is one of the most recommended mobile device security strategy in any law firm.

Mobile device management entails having under control the activities of users on any device on your network; this includes how they share, view and store important information.

For instance, a user from your office may access your data through an office copier, a company provided laptop or a smartphone. A centralized console can be set up by IT administrators which will be installed on all the devices in other to enforce your security policies.

IT support for law practices can be consolidated by dozens of standalone MDM solutions. But you can standardize policies for your law firm by using a device administration that integrates with your platform access to a range of personal devices, line of law firm’s devices and company owned devices.

Picking up and discarding devices is a common habit of users. Breakthroughs like the Citrix’s Xenmobile and VMware’s Airwatch mean that the security settings for each device don’t have to be managed separately. Instead a virtualized environment can be configured or set for a particular employee and the settings will be automatically applied irrespective of the device it is being accessed from.

Other Benefits of Virtualized MDM

Virtualized MDM solutions have so many other benefits to enjoy from apart from the centralized approach to data access rights and device management. For instance, if an employee device is being stolen or lost, the IT administrators can remotely erase or lock the data permanently.

Single Sign-On security is another exciting benefit of the virtualized MDM. This means that only one set of login details is needed by your users to access all their applications. Technically, a different password and username will be used by each application but each of the credentials will be securely stored by your virtualized solution. This means that users will login automatically whenever they sign in to your MDM database.

With the fast rate of advancement of software and hardware, it is extremely hard to fully secure them without good knowledge in IT or by hiring an IT professional. Virtualization is one of the most cost-effective and the easiest method for law firm owners to make users management and settings simple. However, Virtualized MDM may require assistance from IT support for law practices.

In Conclusion

Having said all that, it is certain that the next vital step to fully secure your law firm is to unify virtualized smartphones, laptops, desktops and other smart mobile devices under a unit solution.