The Need For Better Collaboration Forces Small Business To Rethink It

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IT has always been a challenge to Small Business. The pace that IT has changed at made it increasingly difficult for any Small Business in Florida or anywhere else to keep pace.

A Small business is faced with three options at present. They can keep their IT person or department and hope they keep pace with the rate of change of tech. They can employ outside organizations like IT support in Boca Raton that have higher levels of expertise. They can do away with any IT support at all and let each department pick what works best for that department in terms of collaboration.

A recent analysis reported by Dimension Data in 2017 about the challenges that technology has produced in terms of collaboration for Small Business offers some insights into the choices that Small Business must make. One must keep in mind that collaboration means enhancement of communication and cooperation between employees and between employees and clients. You also need to understand that you live in a time when there is probably already at least one app for that.

IT is the problem at present

Sixty-two percent of the Small Businesses that were a part of the analysis claimed that IT was a major stumbling block to the adoption of new forms of collaboration. This applied to in house IT more than to external IT provided by organizations like IT support in Boca Raton.

The main point here is that a person can acquire a program or an app that meets their present needs much faster than IT can produce the same. The need for IT to change to meet the demand for younger users and more tech savvy users is the key to better collaboration. IT may give up many classic roles and domains.

Most Small Businesses Do Not Have a Plan

Sixty-two percent of the Small Businesses involved in the analysis had no formalized plan to deal with the crisis that they were already in. IT was just as unprepared.

The main idea that came out of the study was that any solution that uses unified communications on a single system like phones is going to fail. Going completely digital has to be a tactical process that has a plan that serves customers that are internal and external equally. This is where IT support in Boca Raton can make the difference for Small Business.

What Can a Small Business get from the Change?

Unified communications provides a simpler way for employees to communicate and collaborate with each other and with clients. This means higher rates of productivity and more sales. Small business has a hard time competing for talent. The study shows that 64 percent of small businesses expect to have new technology that will allow them to compete for the best talent.

Competing for the best talent means providing alternative work functions like working from home. The study shows that 59 percent of new workers expect to be able to work from home by 2019. Unified communication systems that allow work from home when appropriate are becoming a norm.

People are changing their views about work. It has become digital. Small Business must adapt to be competitive.