The Next Step In VoIP Solutions For Business In Fort Lauderdale

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The majority of law firms in the Fort Lauderdale area have been using VoIP for years. A new generation of VoIP solutions for business in Fort Lauderdale promises to make the legal profession simpler and easier as well.

The idea was developed by Google and pairs tech that will work with Android devices through a smart phone. The key concept that makes this a revolution in VoIP solutions for business in Fort Lauderdale is that the device does not have to be connected to the phone.

Proximity is a relative concept. Proximity can mean as much as ten feet away. Distance will increase as the tech becomes more fully developed.

The neat trick that Google designed into the system is your phone knowing when a device that can communicate with an Android device is close to your phone. When the device is near your phone an icon that is specific to that device will show up on your phone. The icon disappears when you move far enough away from the accessible device. The idea here is to keep the limited space on the phone screen uncluttered.

At present the device must have Bluetooth version 5. The neat little app only works for Android phones and Android friendly devices at present.

The original idea behind this new development was to eliminate a plug on the phone body. You do not have to plug in a device any more. This means that you do not have to carry around any wires for all of your gadgets.

Multiple devices can be displayed on the phone screen at the same time.

Attorneys may wonder what is in this for them.

The first thing is convenience. You can tap up a printer and have it print without leaving your desk. You can set up international Skype with a tap that has the time frames and the people already preset. All the mundane tasks that are part of your job are now on your phone.

This development presents a tremendous potential for depositions. While smart phones can be used for depositions, some situations require other means of recording. Google’s new system allows you to carry your phone, a camera, and a recorder in a single bag. You can store the tools you need in an overhead compartment and save time if you have to travel to get a deposition.

The system makes you look better than your competition. Presentations for court have to be perfect. Judges and juries often make a decision about a case based on the clarity of visual evidence presented by an attorney. This new tool can make you a master story teller and a wonderful artist even if you are not.

The basic idea here is simplicity. An attorney is busy if they are successful. A tool that accommodates as much of the work that a lawyer does into their phone saves them time and money. The investment pays for itself.