The WLAN Industry Should Provide Substance Over Slogans

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It is expected that WLAN vendors and IT support in Boca Raton do all that is necessary to promote their businesses. It is their responsibility to evolve their products to the level that it is competitive and satisfy the ever-changing demands of the world that they operate in. However, it is equally important that they keep to certain lines and bear in mind that people need their products to develop reliable networks. The fact that more features are required for the market does not mean that reliability should be forgotten. When it comes to networking and wireless, there is no better time to be in the market than now.

Why it matters now

For those who have been in the wireless game for a while, it has almost become a way of life to have poor output and unfulfilled promises. This is not to say that Wi-Fi is not an amazing technology, it definitely is. However, many promises made by WLAN-related entities and organizations have stayed unfulfilled, almost as much as the ones they deliver.

Some of these include;

-The insistence by the IEEE on backward-compatibility in consonant with dark-ages standards is at a point that it is regarded as self-defeating

-Hardly does any 802.11 standards deliver its promise or it much popularized differentiating functionality

-Reports that are touted as “analyst reports” are simply results of paid efforts

-More than ten years ago, it was promised that central management would offer better value than autonomous access point paradigms. The gains, however, are negatively stricken out by bad code quality, extremely expensive licensing paradigms and misplacement of priority on glitzy images instead of providing highly reliable solutions.

This is the reality on the ground. But an experienced WLAN engineer has an understanding of it all, knows how to manage it and can still deliver a quality network that works well with customers.

Hype shouldn’t be what you lead with

There is a lot to be excited about in this current age, considering we are in a time of artificial intelligence, data-driven technology, and machine learning. Words alone, however, don’t make a solution good. Technology advancement such as Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and SDN ought to bring about excitement, but rather the cart is being put before the horse most of the time by these vendors.

Perhaps the vendors and IT support in Boca Raton will be able to prove that the cultures that brought the sins of the past have been fixed before they go ahead to ask us to embrace the latest development of the month and the huge fees that come with it.

Now comes 802.11ax

If you present in any webinar on 802.11ax, then you will know that a new day is coming to WLAN world. Although it may be complicated and filled with ridiculous promises, it will definitely be better than the ones before it. We may not know how much better, but it will certainly be better.

The way it goes will be dependent on how much energy and budget vendors put into it.