The Yahoo Security Breach – Nearly 3 Billion User’s Affected

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Initially, Yahoo had put the figure of the affected user accounts by the data theft it encountered in 2013 at one billion in December, 2016. Now, it has discovered that the right figure is about three billion as virtually all user accounts were affected.

Just like how all the one billion users thought to be the only affected ones were contacted by Yahoo, the additional two billion users have also been contacted for the purpose of requesting immediate password changes and invalidation of security questions and answers.

Yahoo notified its users via a notice posted on its website. While the company is still working with law enforcement agencies to reach a logical conclusion on the issue, it had allayed users’ biggest fear that the theft did not include passwords in clear text and neither did it include any of payment card data and bank account information.

The information that was stolen were security questions and answers, hashed passwords, telephone numbers, dates of birth, email addresses and full names.

The issue really underscores the importance of cybersecurity. What if the data theft had happened to a giant healthcare provider that is supposed to keep the medical records of patients? The hospital or healthcare provider may not survive the series of lawsuits that will follow the incidence.

Cybersecurity is the biggest reason for healthcare providers outsource its IT services to an experienced third party medical IT support team with a proven track record. Hackers work tirelessly to either find out or create loopholes in current security features and structures. This is why no security feature works for a long time if not updated and upgraded.

The only way out is to hire a medical IT support team that will also continue to work tirelessly to be one or two steps ahead of cyber-terrorists. One big challenge that cyberscurity experts do not have answers to is how to identify a potential cyber-criminal. This is because these criminals usually enroll for IT security courses to get to the nitty-gritty of how systems are protected from hackers. They will now apply this skill and knowledge to achieve their ulterior desire. Of course every piece of knowledge has both positive and negative application.

Imagine, Yahoo had about three billion users and three billion accounts were affected. This implies that virtually all Yahoo users were affected. If an IT giant like Yahoo could encounter such security breach, no entity is safe. Don’t forget the very recent WannaCry ransomware attack that happened in May 2017.

What if your healthcare database got hacked and you were disposed of the access to the database of millions of patients? It is not likely that any hospital will survive such. However, prevention is always better and cheaper than cure. This is the best time to outsource your IT services to third party IT firms. You could be the next target.