Three Ways A Virtual Workforce Is Supported By UC

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The workforce is in a great transition period, with a lot of professionals working right from the comfort of their homes. According to study, there has been 115% increase in the number of telecommuting in the last ten years. Organizations, recognizing the improved employee satisfaction and productivity that is offered by such work arrangements, are looking for ways to provide it-computer-support-west-palm-beachbetter support for their employees that work remotely.

UC (unified communication) can play a very important role and be of great support. Listed below are a couple of ways unified communication supports a virtual workforce, you can also consult IT support in Fort Lauderdale to find out more.

Unified Communication Provides Better Collaboration

Effective collaboration is one of the most important things in every business irrespective of where work is being done, but there is a greater need for it when employees are working remotely. Telecommuting colleagues, especially those working remotely, depend on great collaboration with other colleagues to further their work and stay connected with the company.

Fortunately, unified communication provides the perfect tool that they need to easily connect and work with other colleagues on everyday tasks and projects. If an employee wants to quickly ping a colleague in another department, they can easily do that with an instant message. If they want to review a project or proposal with other remote workers, all they have to do is to set up a web conference to review the proposal and also make real-time changes.

Unified Communication Offers a Consistent Experience

Employees that are working remotely can sometimes feel that they are out of mind, out of sight, or an afterthought, and they may start feeling they don’t get treated or provided with the same equipment as their other colleagues that work in the office.Fortunately, unified communication solutions offer telecommuting employees the exact same capabilities and features like every other employee in the company.

Unified Communication Give High Availability

When a technology goes on the fritz, it tends to frustrate everyone, but remote staffs tend to feel the impact more because they usually feel isolated. Hence, it is wise and also very important to choose communication tools that offer availability and a reliable, consistent experience all through the work hours.

Unified communication solutions, especially cloud-based option, offer the resilient, robust access that telecommuting employees need to get the job done. Customer care representatives can be sure that they are always available and responsive to the demands of customers, while other colleagues in other departments such as Finance or Marketing can also be available and accessible by other colleagues to keep the work going and moving fast.

Fortunately, unified communication is very useful in the event of extreme weather conditions, allowing the virtual workforce to stay in touch and remain active no matter what. If you want to incorporate this solution into your business, you can seek IT support in Fort Lauderdale.