The Top 10 Computer Issues

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Everyone uses computers today. Both home and business use touch almost everyone as they organize their days. That opens the door to many problems. Here are the top 10 computer issues people have to face:

  1. Viruses and malware. You can use various free tools to clean these up or you can contact your computer network support. Likely they already have something in place to manage this common issue.
  1. Your computer is working too slowly. Everyone has been here- you need file and it is taking forever to get it. Discuss the issue with computer support and they can help you. There are a lot of root causes of this so let the professionals find out what the problem is.
  1. You have a noisy fan. A noisy fan isn’t critical, but it can be downright annoying. Ask your support team to replace it for some relief.
  1. Your display doesn’t look right. Your graphics driver can be and culprit. This is another issue that computer network support should look at. They can change the settings and replace the driver or card if needed.
  1. Your water cooling system is leaking. Immediately turn off your computer, unplug it and report this to tech support. All tubing should be secured. There is a reason why some people don’t like the thought of water cooling in an electronic device.
  1. Your hard drive crashed. Hard drives have lifespans that aren’t always as long as we need. This is why backups are so important.
  1. Your internet connection is slow. There are plenty of options out there for speeding up your connection. The good news is that most of them are affordable because of the competition in the market. Your computer support team can also go through your computer and get rid of some of the time-eating programs that you don’t need, or deactivate them.
  1. You can’t find a specific file. Learn to use your search and then learn how to organize your files so you can find things. Remember that it works just like your file cabinet. Label things right and put things where they belong, right away.
  1. Your OS is crashing. Your computer network support team can help you with this. If you find that it happens once, report it. Even if it’s just a glitch, they can help you set up a backup plan that protects all of your work.
  1. You can’t turn your computer on at all. This is another problem that your computer support can help you with. It also is another reason why a regular backup schedule—whether automatic or manual—is a necessary activity for all people to engage in.

The solutions to these problems vary in severity but they can be managed, or at minimum you can attempt to avoid them with proper computer upkeep.