Troubleshoot Your Wi-Fi With Ease Using These Tips

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The use and importance of a Wi-Fi router in healthcare IT  or in general use cannot be overemphasized. It is used to send emails, check vital information, connect with other healthcare agents over the internet, etc.

Therefore, the Wi-Fi should be able to deliver at very high speed. But then, when the Wi-Fi isn’t working as expected, it might be due to some simple or technical issues. Some common problems associated with Wi-Fi and how to troubleshoot them are explained below.

  • Overstretched Wi-Fi range

It is worthwhile to know that Wi-Fi uses radio wave technology which is transmitted to other devices from a central hub called router. Now, this transmission range has a limit to which it can give perfect connection and if stretched beyond limit might lead to malfunction. So, to avoid wifi range constraint, the router’s location should be centralized and not kept in a corner. The wifi antenna should be positioned horizontally or vertically, to enable optimal signal distribution. Also, keeping the wifi router in a populated area can lead to range interference

  • Slow speed

Having slow internet speed on your wifi can be caused by a number of reasons. Therefore, to eliminate slow wifi speed when used in healthcare IT or at home, the following tips can be used:

  1. A router should be located in the same room as the connecting devices.
  2. For high numbers of connecting devices, more wifi routers should be acquired.

III. Bandwidth Intensive applications such as youtube, Facebook e.t.c. should be closed when not in use to enhance speed and improve cybersecurity.

  1. Wifi router should not be used in power saving mode.
  • Connection problems

In Healthcare IT businesses or in general use, an internet connection must be available at all times. It can be very disappointing when the wifi network is not working. To solve this problem, first, try rebooting the connecting device. Try resetting the wifi router, also by holding down the button for about 30 seconds.

  • Unstable connection

Wifi connection going on and off is an issue that occurs often. If this is experienced, it can be fixed quickly by changing the router’s location and avoiding having multiple routers in the same room.

  • Network not found

Issues with the wifi router can result in the network not coming on at all. This can be resolved by

  1. Removing the router from the power source and waiting at least 30 seconds before putting it back.
  2. Replacing wifi router that Is over three years old.

Aside from the issues discussed above, there might be other problems that can affect wifi routers, which can be a threat to work and cybersecurity. At this point getting the help of a technology provider wouldn’t be a bad idea. Such a person can give professional advice and offer help when needed.