Two Major Drawbacks Of Mobile Devices

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The mobile device is about the most powerful tool now. It has several technology driven facilities depending on how sophisticated it is. Now, there are apps for virtually everything. This is why people’s best friends are now their mobile device.

When you are bored, there are numerous games that you can play on your device, you can shop through it, you can carry out several banking activities through apps, there are apps for news, there educative apps, and most of all, every social medium has its app. So, people are virtually always doing one thing or the other on their mobile device.

Unfortunately, as useful as mobile devices are, they have two major limitations. According to a leading provider of IT Support in Boca Raton, the major reason small businesses do not allow mobile devices to be used for official assignments is difficulty in typing.

Onscreen keyboard is the major limitation of mobile devices. You may enjoy typing on it if the text is not much but have you ever imagined typing a 500-word article on a mobile device? There is no bigger punishment. So, the real challenge with mobile devices is input.

No matter how big the keys of onscreen keyboards are, they can never compare to using the traditional keyboards. The keys are bigger and you don’t have to switch typing mode from numeric to alphabets. What makes typing on mobile device worse is that some onscreen keyboards can take a large part of the screen and this will leave you with small view of what you are typing.

Typing is extremely slow on mobile devices. So, no IT support in Boca Raton will suggest its use to their clients because it will reduce the productivity of employees of small businesses. To fix this limitation, all mobile devices should now have a USB port that supports USB keyboards. That way, when you need to type a long message, you can connect your USB keyboard to your mobile device.

Another major limitation of mobile devices is internal memory. People hardly have enough internal memory to download and install all the apps that they need. What makes this worse is the fact that apps don’t support external memory. This is why you have to continuously weed the apps on your mobile device. Most times when you need to download a new app, you will be prompted to delete a couple of apps to create enough space for the in-coming app. In fact, it is not only in-coming apps that require memory space. Some existing apps may also need memory space for upgrade/update.

Right now, only extremely useful apps and some social media apps are the ones that remain on people’s mobile devices for a long time. Users can only hope that manufacturers of mobile devices will soon find a way around both limitations.