Understanding The Benefits Of Cloud Technology

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The cloud is a digital storage area, which allows individuals and businesses to access their data remotely from internet connected devices. Although primarily used for data storage, the cloud can also serve as a host for applications, reducing the storage and in-house technology needs of companies.

There are many benefits to cloud based technology, and for there are many providers of these services, including managed IT services in West Palm Beach. One of the most commonly cited benefits of cloud technology is the flexibility of scale that it confers.

For many businesses, there is an awkward moment of growing pains when they start to reach the limits of their existing bandwidth. At this point, many small businesses have to scale up rapidly, a process which is often repeated as the business continues to grow.

However, with cloud technology, the bandwidth is available from your service provider. As the needs of the business grows, you can increase your bandwidth by simply adjusting your agreement with the service provider, without the unpleasant and expensive technological requirements for increased space.

Another commonly cited benefit to cloud technology is the automatic backup and recovery capabilities it produces. In the event of a crash or a crisis, data recovery is one of the most costly and involved processes most businesses undertake. The fear of permanent data loss is real. Cloud technology can alleviate that fear.

In a related vein, the hands-off maintenance of the cloud technology is another commonly cited benefit. For many businesses, maintaining a dedicated IT department to service and update the servers is a burdensome expense. By utilizing cloud technology that expense and hassle is eliminated, as the managed service provider handles the updates and maintenance.

The cost benefits stretch beyond the lack of dedicated IT workers in-house. One of the advantages to managed cloud services is that businesses are spared the need to make repeated capital expenditures. Instead of purchasing new software for each workstation or purchasing new software as old applications become obsolete, cloud technology brings subscription-based service models to business application software and storage.

The cloud-based nature of these service applications means that workers are not tied to particular machines or even to a particular site. Telecommuting is a cost-saving measure for many businesses, and applications and data storage on the cloud can make working from home a reality for many workers.

Cloud technology provides a wide range of benefits to users, from cost savings to increased worker flexibility, which is why it continues to grow as more companies move to take advantage of these benefits. Managed IT services in West Palm Beach can help your business grow while minimizing the hassle and expense of the technology you use.