Understanding How Sms cyber-sec(Text Message) Phishing Works

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SMS phishing is one of the latest techniques employed by scammers to steal valuable financial and personal information from unsuspecting individuals. Before now, phishing emails were in vogue. But these days, they’ve become ineffective since more and more people are becoming increasingly suspicious of them. To this end, cybercriminals are now capitalizing on the inherent trust users have on certain forms of communication to perpetrate their heinous acts. So, what’s SMS phishing and how can it be prevented?

What is SMS Phishing?

Also known as SMiShing, SMS phishing is a new phishing campaign employed by cybercriminals to exploit unsuspecting users. Like email phishing, this technique is aimed at getting an immediate response from recipients by using fear-based exploits to make them panic. Usually, these crooks apply this technique to falsely relay a dire warning of how an important financial account like a bank account is in danger of being compromised. They would also request users to respond promptly by providing sending some sort of verification which often entails personal or account information.

Since SMS don’t allow for longer communication, the message would be presented in a concise but urgent and serious tone with a masked identity. Usually, users are directed to a website through a featured link where they are requested to provide all information.

How to Handle a SMiShing Attack

Not responding to a SMiShing message is certainly the best way to overcome an SMS attack. As part of IT support in Boca Raton, it is highly recommended for users to report such a message to the referenced financial institution. Banks are interested in knowing if scammers are dishing out phishing exploits in their name and they can help confirm whether a message is legitimate.

Your cellular provider can also be of help when you report the suspicious message to them. In fact, this can go a long way in helping to prevent the flow of such messages through their networks as they will want to investigate what happened and improve their security methods.

Be warned! SMiShing is everywhere

In a bid to obtain the desired response, scammers will often want to create the impression that the message is legitimate by using multiple channels targeted at an intended victim thereby making it an increasingly popular form of attack.

Though there seems to be a general awareness of the nefarious acts of malicious actors with email messages, most people (including office professionals and IT pros) aren’t aware of how scammers can employ other channels such as text messaging.

Now that they are shifting to new channels like text messaging, there is no better time to beef up IT support in Boca Raton. IT teams need to wield better tools to combat SMiShing and keep them out of the environment.