Updating To Windows 10 Is A Beast Of Its Own

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Updating to Windows 10 has been an issue that a lot of companies have faced recently. They see the pop-ups or hear the advertisements and wonder if it’s the right move for them. It is a better operating system, but it may also require a plethora of other updates – which includes hardware and software. This means it can be advantageous to turn to professional IT services in West Palm Beach to get the job done.

Getting the high quality IT services in West Palm Beach will ensure that everyone is done appropriately so that your computers are stronger and running more efficiently than ever before.

Before Windows 10 is installed, it’s a good idea to take a good look at what’s going on with the computers. There may need to be more storage on the computers, and that’s because the new operating system is larger than ever. When storage is being updated, the RAM should be explored as well. Anytime running memory can be improved, it is going to be for the better. It will ultimately allow the computer to run faster. This means you won’t be waiting around for the computer to finish various tasks.

After that, all of the software programs need to be examined to see if they are compliant with Windows 10. Computers that are running programs that are 5 years old or even older may show signs of noncompliance. Essentially, this means that new software may need to be chosen so that it will be capable of working once Windows 10 goes live on the machine.

Once the hardware and software is ready to go, a backup should be done. This is one of the IT services in West Palm Beach that often gets missed. While it is a generally simple issue of upgrading the operating system, things have gone wrong in the past – and there is no reason to risk data. This is why a thorough backup should be done to the server or to a cloud.

After that, Windows 10 can be installed. This will take a few hours for everything to be done. A systems check will then be completed to ensure that all of the software programs run properly.

Some staff may not be familiar with Windows 10 because they have not done the upgrade on their home computers. As such, training may need to take place around the office to ensure people know what to do and how to access their programs.

Many people think it is as simple as clicking one button to upgrade Windows 10, but the reality is that the update can be a beast. There are so many things that should be upgraded and checked prior to clicking the button that it should only be done by an IT professional.