Useful Tips Medical Practices/Healthcare Can Use To Reduce It Budget

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Medical practices and healthcare can reduce their IT budget by managing their print infrastructure in a better way. This might probably sound too good to be real, but it is completely achievable. Medical practices small and big use models of inefficient printing without even knowing. They can do more to reduce their budget.

Replace All Outdated Printers

Cheap and outdated printers might be functional, but they have a huge effect on your healthcare IT budget. Any component that is up to seven years or even older usually needs frequent repairs, and they tend to cause more problem than what they are worth. For the fact that printers that are old have no warranty, it is more challenging and costly to fix them. It is also challenging to get replacement parts for old printers because manufacturers no longer produce spare parts for old model printers anymore. When you get new and multi-functional equipment to replace your outdated ones, you are making an investment that will pay you with increased efficiency and productivity. Replacing your old printers with new printers provide you with more recent features of printers, such as fast and economical printing.

Avoid Buying Unnecessary Equipment and Supplies

A printer environment that is poorly and inadequately managed can lead to a stockpile of toners, reams of paper, and cartridges. This usually happens, for instance, when a medical staff is making use of a printer that is about to get a shortage of ink and makes a request for a new toner or ink that is not necessary. This happens more frequently in healthcare IT departments than you think, and it definitely affects the IT budget, because it is more expensive. In a situation where is there is no dedicated printer manager, this situation can be avoided by making the supply of replacements automatic. You should appoint someone in your healthcare facility to always place orders for supplies when they are about to run out, with the practice, your company will be able to avoid needles and unnecessary purchases.

Introduce Strict Workflow Process

Medical reports, submitting reports for expenses, and some other administrative tasks need a proper workflow of documents. Without guidelines, administrative and medical staffs often print a lot of documents that are not necessary. Automate the document-driven processes of your healthcare facility to prevent or minimize a lot of print jobs that leads to loads of abandoned documents.

Go Paperless

Creating a management solution for your documents that minimize the consumption of paper is a great way to save money. This may not be achievable in all departments, but for the departments that can do without, the management should encourage them to do so. Printing very long email chains that will be discussed in a meeting is an example of a wasteful practice, and it should be avoided.