Using Power Bi To Benefit From Office 365

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Obviously, it’s hard to believe that there would be something else that could have been included to improve the benefits which many businesses are enjoying today from Office 365. But to the surprise of everyone, Microsoft released yet another amazing feature that people working in the healthcare can apply to obtain better returns on the productivity software investment.

Introducing Power BI

Microsoft’s business analytics platform, Power BI was released in the spring of 2016. With Power BI, healthcare IT workers can effectively develop detailed maps, charts, graphs and other meaningful illustrations. Interestingly, users can easily achieve these benefits by simply connecting Power Bi to a database regardless of whether or not data is stored within the platform. Case in point: users can easily see where their product gets the most demand by simply dragging and dropping two columns after uploading sales records.

A brand new feature for business owners looking to obtain more value from their software subscription was recently announced by Microsoft. The Office 365 adoption content pack was designed to enable those in the healthcare business understand how their employees use Microsoft productivity software. It collects this information and directly feeds it into the analytics of Power BI.

Any healthcare IT staff can achieve this by working with these insights.


These metrics can be used to gain accurate visibility into how much of the O365 platforms are utilized. Power BI can reveal that less than one-quarter of the health care team is making use of the OneDrive accounts purchased for the entire organization. To get a clearer presentation of your investments, there is need to compare active users and enabled users.


Business owners can also get an insight as to how employees are making use of communication solutions. If they are investing in cellular-based minutes but every team member is using a mobile data connection to access Skype for Business, then it might be time for a significant reduction.


There are several collaboration platforms on Microsoft. Employees are very likely to dump the very best platforms for a rather easy one particularly if there is no proper guidance. Compared to the time users spend in documents from colleagues, business owners can easily know how much time they spend in their own SharePoint, PowerPoint, and Word documents. With PowerBI, they can easily differentiate struggling platforms from those encouraging the most collaboration.


You can easily get to know the versions of O365 users that are running, as well as the devices employed to access them through the activation insights. While this information may seem to have little value, it’s important to understand that if can greatly impact cyber security.

Power BI is available in three different plans including Premium, Pro, and Desktop. Interesting, the Office 365 adoption content pack and the Desktop plan come free.