Virtual CFOs Call For Computer Support

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Both virtual and real CFOs now call for computer support because of the inherent benefits of computer network support as against having an in-house IT team. Although the benefits are innumerable, some of them have been outlined below.

It is cheaper

The purpose of all businesses is to maximize profit and reduce cost to the barest minimum, so outsourcing your IT department to a third party computer network support group is a welcome idea. It will save you the cost of hiring full time IT personnel. Remember that IT professionals are usually highly paid.

IT tasks do not emerge every day. These tasks involve installation of a new application or a new hardware, updating and upgrading system software and application and fixing an issue. None of these tasks emerges every day. But a full time IT staff will get his full pay irrespective of the actual number of hours spent on the job.

You also get to save cost on device purchase. Your computer support provider usually supplies your devices. This implies that you only pay for the services and the physical devices used.

Higher budget adherence

Since you get to pay your computer support group a fixed amount of money on a monthly basis, they are the ones who will bear all contingencies. So, you can plan your budget and follow it strictly.

You enjoy the services of an experienced IT professional

IT Support companies usually hire highly certified and experienced professionals. These are the professionals that will manage your IT services. This means that you get to enjoy the services of certified IT personnel but you won’t bear the cost directly.

Regular update

This kind of support is sometimes referred to as Cloud support and you can be sure of both regular updates and upgrades. Since it is their responsibility to prevent hackers from gaining access into your system, they usually update and upgrade regularly. This also helps to prevent all kind of viruses, Trojan horses and malwares.

As regular as these upgrades are, your Cloud support provider will never do it during your official hours. It is usually done after official hours since it is a remote service. The purpose of this timing is to prevent it from clashing with your business activities. Otherwise, your team will have to stop their work temporarily for the upgrade to be done.

Quick application of new technology

Cloud services support teams are always abreast with the latest technology and its application. You will be among the very first companies to enjoy the application of any new technology on IT.

You enjoy experience

Virtually all the staff of all Cloud services support providers are very experienced and as such, they are usually familiar with a lot of issues and can diagnose and fix it in a very short time thereby saving your time. Cloud services support providers are not only experienced, they are often highly certified too.