Virtualization Is More Important Than You Think

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Computer hardware is equally as important as software. In fact, neither of them is less or more important than the other because each of them needs the other to function. In other words, neither of them can function without the other. The technology of virtualization tries to make each of them function separately. To underscore this point, below are a few instances to consider.

Although virtualization experts describe some features with attractive catchphrases, those features are much more important than the catchphrases. The features offer real solutions irrespective of the fancy names given to them. You may have heard of the term “fault tolerance” before. Here is the concept behind it.

When virtualization is used to merge multiple servers to work together as a single super server, the others will still continue to work together uninterrupted even if one of them crashes. Being able to work as if nothing happened despite the crash of one of them is what fault tolerance is all about.

Live migration is another concept that underscores the important of virtualization. Live migration allows a technician to work on an employee’s computer while the user is still using it. After building bare-bones workstation, the storage capacity could be upgraded without having to disconnect the user and restart the system. This is very important in healthcare facility. Medical IT support would not have to restart any computer before working on it. What if the computer that needs to be worked on is being used to monitor the heartbeat of a patient that is in coma? In a healthcare facility, every computer is very important and they never go off. This is why virtualization will be a welcome technology for medical IT support.

In a traditional system, carrying out a backup is a little more difficult. After creating an image backup of your server, you will need to restore everything to a computer with exactly the same hardware specifications otherwise the backup will be fraught with issues. With virtualization, backup image can be restored to different hardware setups.

Malware could manipulate the result of certain medical test if it the system used is infected. This could lead to wrong medication and death so medical IT support ensures there is zero tolerance for Trojans and other forms of virus. To hinder the spread of virus, software and applications are isolated from each other. Virtualization offers better prevention of the spread of virus. Virtualization helps to put applications into quarantined spaces where there will be minimal usage of all system resources and this limits the opportunities malwares have to operate on your system.

Virtualization lengthens the lifespan of hardware as there will be minimal usage of the resources. What is used is the hardware that is needed for the virtualization window while other resources are pulled from the central server. Finally, it is much easier to migrate to the cloud from a virtualized environment.