How To Disable Ads In Windows File Explorer

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The rate at which advertisements have taken over every part of our digital space gives cause for concern. What makes it more worrisome is the fact that ads now keep popping up whether you are online or offline. Hitherto, it was only restricted to web pages. For those who have encountered it, ads have crept into Windows’ File Explorer. Now, …


The Benefits Of IT Support For Law Firms

PC Network Solutions IT Support for Law Firms

It has become necessary for companies, especially law firms, to look past their own IT team and outsource their IT department completely. A lot of companies have already made the paradigm shift and more are still making it. The advantages of the shift are just too overwhelming. There are numerous benefits of IT support for law firms. It is more …


How To Decrypt Ransomware For Free

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Ransomware is a malware used by cyber attackers to prevent access to a computer system until an amount if money has been paid. It has recently become a popular method for extorting money from businesses, and law firms are particularly attractive for ransomware attacks. In fact, information experts have revealed that there has been a rise in this kind of …


How Microsoft And Citrix Are Making Waves

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The newest partnership between Citrix’s virtualization client and Microsoft’s cloud platform are currently the next big thing in the industry. This is aptly going to be a win for everyone, according to the recent announcement made at the annual partner Summit organized by Citrix. Though Citrix most famous product, XenDesktop and Microsoft’s build-it-yourself cloud platform, Azure may not be common …


Healthcare It: A World Of Robots

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All over the world, people and organizations are striving for excellence in the most amazing ways. Tech companies have created platforms and software which not only help people save time, but also help organize offices, schedule meetings, etc. This software organizes interactions and communication between teams to ensure productivity. Microsoft Teams Scheduling Assistant acts as a scheduler. With it, meetings …


HIPAA and Healthcare Information

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HIPAA launches new initiatives each year, but they are doing so even more now that increase in technology related to healthcare information is ever growing. One of the many changes includes the HIPAA audit program, which is currently in phase two. The entities they are planning to audit are decided based upon the size of the entity and their affiliations …


The Virtual Doctor – Introducing Visual Medical Practices Support

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Technology has changed the way in which people communicate and relate one-to-another. Technology is now a part of our lives, and you cannot look anywhere without seeing some form of technology whether it’s the TV, the fridge, your smartphone, or the washing machine. Technology has invaded every industry and the healthcare sector is no exception. Medical practices the world over, …


Beefing Up Security Against Fruitfly, The Newest Apple Malware

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For over 10 years, Apple devices and Apple based systems have been seen as virtually invulnerable to all kinds of threats and malware. This is one of the reasons Apple is the most embraced brand for healthcare IT. Even though Apple’s invulnerability may not be 100 percent correct, it is almost true as there has never been a case of …


Microsoft Office 2013 End Is Near.

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Microsoft has made it clear that it would no longer offer new features for Office 2013 by the end of February. What this means is that companies who want support from Microsoft have to upgrade to a newer version. Office 2013 client applications and language packs won’t be accessible from Office 365 self-service portal. They intend to focus on upgrading …


Browser Showdown: Which One Is Right For You?

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A while ago when Internet Explorer was contending with Netscape, clients had far fewer things to consider. These days, a few clients do almost all their work within a web program, and they have much more choices about which program to utilize. On the off chance that you’ve at any point addressed whether there may be a superior approach to …