Earn Money – Save Money: Here Are 5 Innovative Ways You Can Use Technology To Make Money Online

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Have you ever wondered how you could capitalize on the miracle of technology that is available today? Here are some ideas that you can take to the bank: Expand your audience with Interactive Tele-Video Conferencing. Technology has matured to the point that your ability to have your classroom reach around the world is now both sophisticated and refined. You can …


How IT Staffing Costs Can Add Up Dramatically

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While most companies wish to keep their IT staffing costs low, there are many companies who cannot seem to cut these costs and lower their overall overhead. IT staffing costs tend to add up dramatically and companies that rely on managed IT services in West Palm Beach often find themselves wondering why. Firstly, companies often fall into the trap of …


How To Give Your Help Desk More Help

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Tackling the technical aspect of your customer service is tricky. When consumers need more specific solutions to a technical challenge, there is value when it comes to knowing how to solve the issue in the fastest and most efficient way possible. While most of these principles apply to customer service, a company’s help desk or tech support require a more …

The Story Of A DYI It Department Vs A Managed It Department:  A Parable

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Reggie is the lead in IT management at a popular West Palm Beach start up. As they grow, he is in charge in making sure that everything moves at a consistent pace, including making sure that everybody is online, tuned in, and turned up. If one of the employees has a problem, they call Reggie, who delegates to his team …


5 Innovative Ways Technology Can Save You Money

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Companies are able to save money by relying on managed IT services in West Palm Beach and thanks to a number of recent technological advances, there are a wide range of other innovative ways that technology can save a company money over the long haul. Once you’ve researched managed IT services in West Palm Beach, be sure to read on …


6 IT Nightmares Almost Every Company Deals With

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  In this ever-changing world, it’s crucial that a company has a good grasp on common IT problems that may occur. However, some IT nightmares are quite common, and almost every company deals with it. They include; Hardware and Software Issues Lots of companies run into some problems with the lifespan of their equipment. One common mistake is to believe …


Understanding The Benefits Of Cloud Technology

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  The cloud is a digital storage area, which allows individuals and businesses to access their data remotely from internet connected devices. Although primarily used for data storage, the cloud can also serve as a host for applications, reducing the storage and in-house technology needs of companies. There are many benefits to cloud based technology, and for there are many …

What You Can Do To Prevent Malware Issues

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While most of us have had to deal with malware issues that required the assistance of managed IT services in West Palm Beach in the past, there are ways to prevent these problems from taking place in the future. Read on to learn more about what you can do to prevent malware issues going forward, so that you can avoid …

Data Hacking: How It Is Happening To More Businesses

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Data security has been a topic of great concern because of the recent surge in data breaches. Countries are still trying to figure out how best to put in place cyber laws that help protect individuals and businesses operating online. Why Data Breaches Can Be Disastrous For Companies Company data breaches are serious offenses because the hackers responsible are now …

Importance of Managed IT Services for Businesses

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Managed IT services refers to a business solution delivered by a dedicated IT service provider, which combines an unlimited, flat-rate IT support for a fixed monthly fee with proactive management of IT infrastructure and workstations. These services are designed to offer a more comprehensive solution where both companies are aligned together for a more beneficial relationship. In this kind of …