What Do Small Businesses Need To Know About Russian Infiltration?

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As anyone who has turned on a television set for more than five minutes within the past year can tell you, there is a lot of talk about Russian infiltration these days. Microsoft and Kaspersky Labs computer-support-boca-ratonfind themselves at the center of these controversies. IT support in Boca Raton is also left to make sense of things.

Small businesses are greatly affected by these conversations as well. When they speak with IT support in Boca Raton, they need to know that they are going to be taken care of over the long haul. Microsoft is already doing their best to make the world a safer place for such businesses.

They are removing a number of fake websites that were run by organizations that tend to lean more conservative. While there is nothing wrong with starting a right leaning website, these sites were found to be run by those who are associated with Russian intelligence.

The sites are believed to have been involved in the election interference scandals that we have all heard so much about. This places small businesses that may already be using Russian products in a bit of a bind. Do they simply uninstall everything that has a Russian name on it or do they try their best to separate fact from fiction?

In most instances, the latter is the way to go. It is important to remember that not all Russian companies are looking to commit cyber crimes. They produce some of the finest anti virus software that is currently available in the world. Let’s say that the small business has already equipped their computers with products that they purchased from Kaspersky Labs.

There is no reason to panic and start uninstalling all of this software. Small businesses often rely on Kaspersky Labs software because there is no beating the price and the quality of service that is being offered. If a small business is looking to safeguard themselves further, they can rely on security that is provided by additional vendors.

Small businesses that have any affiliation with the United States government will want to tread lightly, though. Working with the government in any capacity and using Russian software is not acceptable at the current moment. Compliance requirements must also be monitored so that small business owners can make sure that they are not breaking any rules in the meantime.

Home users likely have nothing to worry about and they should continue to use whatever program provides them with the best results. Russia is going to continue to try to influence American users and the best way to make sure that these problems do not occur is by arming yourself with the proper information. Otherwise, a small business could be putting themselves in harm’s way without even realizing it.